For all our overseas imports, starting in January 2015, we are neutralizing the CO2 released now.

Overseas imports represent more then 90% of our business volume. We use sea transports as this is the most effective way to avoid CO2. For neutralization we have made contracts with two agencys that contribute projects that help to bind CO2. One is a peat bog in Northern Germany that has been drained many years ago. Draining peat bogs releases methan which boosts global warming even more then CO2. By re-hydrating peat bogs and putting them back in their natural state, CO2 is bound for a long time. This is what we bring forward in the so called "Königsmoor" close to Kiel.

The second project helps to build fresh-water wells in Uganda. By reducing the need to cook surface water, CO2 production is avoided and local resources are saved at the same time.


We carefully sum all sea transports mileage form our overseas suppliers and calculate the CO2 released each year.

H. Erhard Wagner GmbH is proud to be one of the first companies in the raw material field, that voluntarily neutralizes their CO2 footprint!

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