For us, the people behind H. Erhard Wagner GmbH, quality is a motivation as well as an obligation. Providing our customers with reliable products, competent advice, comprehensive documentation and a quick and friendly service is our everyday business.


We believe in the efficency of our ISO-certified quality system which we live for almost 20 years now. Regular internal and external audits are constant triggers for the improvement of our performance.



ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard from the International Organization of Standardization is the basis of our holistic quality management system


Silver status at CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)-Rating from EcoVadis


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - Palm oil is used in many products and should be produced sustainably to protect people and the environment


The international Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association – some of our products are certified accordingly


Our contribution to the future

Supply sustainably

The main focus of our business is trading in lanolin and lanolin derivatives. These are waxes produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep that adhere to the sheep's wool. During the wool washing process, these substances are separated from the wool and they are raw materials of regenerative nature, just like sheep wool.

Save energy

In addition to a range of energy-saving measures, we minimize CO₂ emissions by purchasing electricity from renewable energy sources, using company bicycles, and employing intelligent heating control.


Since 2015, we have been offsetting previously unavoidable CO₂ emissions from imports on a voluntary basis, supporting the renaturation of the Königsmoor moor in Schleswig-Holstein and other projects in the process.

Conserve resources

Despite the progress of digitization, we still need paper for our work. For this purpose, we mainly use recycled paper. All paper waste is recycled, and cardboard is reused.